Finding the Right Balance

Building your nest-egg ethically 

Everyone wants to retire with the ability to maintain their quality of life. In the 401k and IRA universe, this requires the management of investments. The more that you know, the better off you will be when you reach those golden years. Learn how charitable behavior contributes to more effective investment behavior, and how you can be socially minded while also building wealth.


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Finance is Everywhere

Dedicated to Responsible Investing Behavior

Responsible investing does not necessarily mean ultra-conservative with small returns. It means investing in a sustainable way, so that risk and returns are balanced according to your objectives.  

Taking chances is an inherent part of investment behavior. In order to increase returns, you generally must increase risk. But you also want to sleep at night, and an abundance of risk can lead to disaster. Learn how to responsibly tackle risk and return.


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With so many different ways to plan for retirement, I will walk you through the basics of managing your own retirement account. I also post videos and articles that review various market events, as well as specific companies that trade in the major stock markets.

The ins-and-outs of retirement funds

Are you interested in actively managing your retirement account? Or are you interested in spending as little time as possible, freeing yourself up for other pursuits? Are you unsure whether your investment advisors are peddling financial vehicles that pay them good commissions, but may not be the right place for your money? From active investing options strategies to the occasional index investor, we have training resources to assist in your financial management.

A series of easy to understand videos and articles that describe in detail all of the techniques and knowledge that an investor needs. Overviewing 10K’s, quarterly reports, options trading, and index investing so that you can trade in confidence. At the end of the day, you are responsible to ensuring that your goals and risk-tolerance levels are reflected in your investment line-up. 


  • The advantages of IRA’s
  • Roth or Traditional?
  • Index and Passive strategies
  • Coverage of annual 10K reports
  • Educational Tools
  • Options strategies

Free resources focused on improving your financial outlook

There is a moment in the movie The Big Short where one of the characters asks an investment broker a question: “I’ll buy what you’re selling, but first you have to tell me how you’re screwing me?” 

There is a universal truth to this: nobody gives you anything for free. So what am I all about? My video tutorials and blogs are absolutely free. I have published regularly in investment and aviation related forums and magazines. I write and publish books and booklets on whatever subject I have currently the itch to research and comment on. If you want to buy a book, great. If not, these resources are still for you. 

I learned many lessons the hard way – not because I had not heard some of the same warnings that I will pass along to you, but because it was not effective as dry commentary. My hope is to make those warnings and advice relevant through a more engaging medium, so that you will not fall into the same traps. It is preferable, when possible, to learn your lessons from the mistakes of others.

About Me


With a degree in Economics and a lifetime of traveling, researching, investing, making mistakes and stumbling into victories, I have come to appreciate a diverse and balanced approach to investing money in a manner that is engaging, but also allows a person to sleep soundly at night.


Not just another static personality on YouTube, I am here to directly address your questions. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you have. If I have not already discussed your question somewhere else, I will research, investigate, and answer it either personally, or through my projects blogging  and creating informative videos.

You’re unique and you deserve a personalized, goal oriented process to manage your finances. Some of financial management is being exposed to successful strategies and approaches; some is ensuring that you are invigorated by the process without becoming overwhelmed or frazzled. 


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