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This investing business has been going on for quite some time. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. Ignore all those gaudy investor click-baits that promise the guaranteed new thing, or the indicator that will get you from five grand to a million in a year: it is a bunch of bull, hot air intended to grab a subscription fee. 

The basics of investing have been around for a long time. Modern technology has changed how we relate to the market, and it has made it infinitely easier to access multitudes of information on publicly traded stocks and bonds. The educational tools promoted here are tried and true through the generations, from The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham to the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet, not an awful lot has changed as it relates to the fundamentals of investing. 

Technology has transformed the process, and learning has become increasingly more interactive and engaging in the multimedia era of internet communications. Come along and learn how to manage your finances and be entertained!

401K or IRA

If your company matches 401K contributions it almost always makes sense to start by getting the max contribution. After that things get more complex. Click here for details about whether you should contribute to a 401K or and IRA.

Indexing vs Individual Stocks

The simplest and – generally – least volatile way to invest is via target date retirement funds and index ETFs. More active investors prefer the control that purchasing individual stocks provides. Find out which is best to achieve your financial goals. 

Saving for Education

The 529 Plan is the most direct method to save for educational expenses, both for yourself and for your family. Yet for some people it is not the most efficient savings method. Click here to understand the advantages of the 529 Plan and the alternatives.